Live Well Planner On-The-Go

This high-end and stylish lifestyle planner is packed with great advice to help you develop a work-life balance, stay on track with your goals and has modern day practical resources.

We took a classical weekly format (that many of us are accustomed to using) and the typical elements of a yearly planner/agenda (with the yearly overviews and monthly calendars) and redesigned it for actual productivity, time management, and goal setting for the 21st century. Call it the 2.0 of planners – a new type of planner that helps you maximize your days to reach your goals, stay on top of your responsibilities, bring balance into your life, and inspires you to live more intentionally - created in a way that’s simple to use and stylish. It’s a beautiful piece of work on the inside and out.

Outer Details & Specs:

  • Premium soft touch flex cover; durable, water resistant, finger print and smudge mark proof, sturdy enough to write on (if you’re someone who appreciates fine materials or likes to shop by touching things, you’ll love this and won’t want to put it down)
  • User friendly layflat binding for easy writing
  • Handy desk accessory size (approximately 9” x 7” x .75”) – though it’s small enough for portability (bends to fit different size bags)
  • Bungee closure
  • Light blue page holder ribbon

Interior Pages & Specs:

  • Crisp and clean easy-on-the-eyes white
  • Quality smooth uncoated for ease of writing
  • Thick, opaque, very minimal bleed through when using sharpie pens
  • Eco-friendly paper (FSC Certified - paper from responsible resources??)
  • Long lasting acid-free paper

Typical Features (that you’ll see in many planners/agendas):

  • 12 Month Day Planner: January 2016 - December 2016
  • Weekly layout
  • Monthly calendar
  • Annual overview
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Convenient storage pocket (at the front and back)

Atypical Features (functional aspects specific to this planner or improvements over what we’ve seen in other ones)

  • How-to-use page to show how to prioritize your day in different ways (suits many organizational styles)
  • Personal reflection and growth exercises (to help you figure out what you want and go after it)
  • Thought provoking questions throughout (it’s like having a coach right by your side)
  • Goal-setting guide (explaining how to break down big ideas into manageable tasks)
  • Month openers featuring the bring-your-life-into-balance sections
  • Roomy weekly format designed for productivity and positivity (weekly and daily focuses, prioritization and time management, highlights (a simple way of journaling), food tracker, etc)
  • Weekly boosts and motivational check-ins
  • Monthly personal and work to-dos
  • Monthly highlights and layout
  • Perforated and detachable sheets throughout (so you won’t ruin your binding if you want to write/sketch on a sheet and then tear it off)
  • Table of contents and numbered pages for easy reference
  • Energetic colours, scent and typography throughout

(We’ve managed to make all this fit and still look simple enough to use - we’re quite proud of that)

Packed with fun unique bonus features:

  • Stylish removable artwork to adorn your home or workspace (collectors keepsake) created by Token’s ace designer (see for cool posters)
  • Be-ready-for-anything tear out greeting/occasion cards
  • Fun de-stress colouring page (you’ll be able to share your creation with Token’s online community)
  • Resource pages that are smart and actually useful (forget the maps or convergence of measures you can find online – this section of the planner is designed with your needs in mind. Here you’ll find health trackers, routine and meal plan templates, organizational pages, etc)

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