A bit about us

What influences our work

Our interests in pop culture, contemporary art, fashion, beautiful resorts/top hotels, and Jonathan Adler influence our designs. We love travel, movies, board games, typography, music, and storytelling…all of which make their way into our designs.

How Token came to be

Token has been 15 years in the making. What started as a gift giving solution, has recently turned into a design & product development e-commerce company founded by Trev and Jo (a creative husband and wife team). Here’s how it came to be…

Late 90’s…at this point we are high school sweethearts, students with limited funds, big dreamers. Like many people trying to save up for school, Trev started designing and creating posters for Jo for special gift giving occasions. Soon Jo’s walls were covered with Trev’s creations, and garnering a lot of attention from family and friends.

Circa 2010…we’re now married, our urban home has turned into a gallery of Trev’s chic designs, and we’re still dreaming of building a business where we could fuse Trev’s artistic talents with Jo’s creative and practical sensibilities. While lounging on the Honolulu beachfront taking in the laid back Hawaiian culture, being greeted by the “shaka” sign from the friendly locals, surrounded by vibrant colours and interesting art, it dawned on us that we wanted to have that lifestyle back home. We imagined setting up a clean, low key shop with a cool vibe, make visitors feel welcome and part of a community, and offer unique and beautiful products inspired by our travel and the people we meet along the way. A way of life, something of value, a TOKEN!

Today...we finally decided to take the plunge and turn our recreational weekend side project into an actual division of our established packaging and design studio, ThinkIngall. With 15 years of ideas accumulated on countless paper napkins, post it notes, and notebook pages, we have a lot of exciting plans ahead!

Plans for the future

Posters and prints will always be a Token staple, but we’re not stopping at that. We currently have several projects in the works. Our lifestyle products will range from other paper goods (such as stationery, planners, coffee table books), apparel (including travel accessories) to more home décor (like throw pillows). Since travel and adventure is a big part of what Token stands for, we set out to make products that you’ll be able to use before, during, and after your trips. We have big plans for the future. Take the journey with us!

We've started with making our prints available to you in the hopes of selling enough of them so that we can bring our other projects along as well. We have plans to develop especially helpful tools and useful items that will make life easier.

The team

Though Token was founded by Jo Jalfen and Trevor Ingall, let’s be real, like almost anything…it takes a village. Thanks to our Mentors and community of support Token is becoming more than just a passion project.

Our philosophy….see what’s missing - create it. See what can work better - improve it. Always make it practical, have it look good, and offer options!

We live for adventure & creating goods that make people think, laugh, be happy & inspired. We love creating pieces that can bring about positive change in not only how we feel, but how we think about things. Our collection is a way for us to do this.

We believe in social good, happy endings, and paying it forward.